Tutela Family

The Tutela team are a committed and enthusiastic group ...

We are a diverse bunch and bring a whole array of perspectives and ideas to the table as we creatively pursue our goal. One thing we share in common is that we're all convinced about family homes for children in Mozambique.

Jonny & Becky

Founders & Operations Director, Mozambique

Jonny & Becky have lived in Mozambique for eight years. They previously worked for the Zimpeto Children’s Centre, looking after a dormitory of lively 9-12yr old boys for many years. Jonny was also the Finance Director and then both acted as Assistant Directors for a number of years. It was during their time at Zimpeto that they realised the huge need for family foster-homes for orphaned children. They are determined to see children reach their full potential and believe that growing up in a family home is a fundamental part of this. 

Jonny and Becky have dedicated the last two years to establishing Tutela in order to be able to implement their vision for helping orphaned children. With their own three bouncy children in tow, they divide their time between the UK and Mozambique.


Community Relations Manager, Mozambique

Domingos has many years experience in the arena of Social Work in Mozambique. He is a qualified trainer for the International Child Development Program, a tool that helps parents and carers to improve their interaction with children. He brings his expert understanding of Mozambican culture and practices to his role at Tutela to help us engage effectively with the local communities and strengthen parents with young children.


Chair of Trustees, UK

Alan has worked as a solicitor for over 25 years, both in private practice and in industry, he is also an experienced trustee assisting other charities and voluntary organisations. His ability to get to the heart of a problem and see clear, logical solutions is a valuable benefit for Tutela. Alan lives in Bath with his family, and has known Jonny and Becky for many years.


Trustee, UK

Ruth is a social worker and has been employed by her local authority for over 20 years. Her current role is to persuade people to consider fostering and adoption and then to train and support those who go ahead. As a trustee, she brings a depth of professional experience to Tutela, as well as networking opportunities in the field of fostering. Married to Phil, with 4 grown up children and 5 small grandchildren, Ruth's family are a constant source of delight and amazement to her. In both her work and family life, Ruth is consistently dedicated to what she does.


Trustee, UK

Peter has had a successful career in software testing and is co-author of an industry-standard book on the subject. He has a keen eye for detail and a desire for things to function to their maximum potential. This is a great asset to Tutela, as Peter contributes clear, concise thinking. With eight years experience as a trustee for a large church in Bath, he also contributes knowledge on policies and structure. Peter is married to Heather and they have four children and five grandchildren.


Trustee, UK

Originally from the Midlands, Lizzie now lives in the South West and works at the University of Bath to secure research grants for academics. Lizzie is dedicated and thorough in her work, a team player who brings creative and well-thought solutions to the table. Her previous experience with a children's charity in South Africa enables Lizzie to understand the complexities of development work in Africa and the critical need for family-based care for abandoned children.

Last Updated: 18 April 2016

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