Our Mission

Protecting Children and Strengthening Families

The crisis situation for children in Mozambique

Many children have lost parents as a result of conflict, disease and natural disasters. Hundreds of thousands of children are growing up without one or both of their parents, and suffering the effects of extreme poverty.

Whatsmore, in the midst of this poverty, many surviving parents are unable to offer an adequate care to their children. This often leads to severe neglect along with emotional and physical abandonment. 

Our mission is a very practical response to this crisis

We work to restore hope to children and parents with two distinctive and tangible approaches:


We establish foster-care homes for children who have lost all chance of growing up with their families of origin. The homes are based in Mozambique's capital city, Maputo and are small family units, located in the some of the more disadvantaged districts.

In June 2018, we opened our first foster home for six abandoned children. Our anticipation is to open the second home by early 2019, as part of our pilot phase before evaluating our effectiveness and expanding our work.


We strengthen parents and give them the tools they need to keep their family together. This happens through one-to-one mentoring, parental training and practical support. Since April 2016, we have taken 200 parents through our 8-session parenting course, using material that gives mums and dads a deeper understanding of how to raise children.

In 2018, we have been developing a proposal to identify some extremely vulnerable families in Maputo and offer them tailored support with the aim of strengthening their family situation. 

Family-based care is relatively unknown in Mozambique, as many of the country's most vulnerable children are being raised in differing standards of insitutional care. We believe the very best start in life is this:

"For children to experience a happy secure home with a loving family"


The ideal choice is often for children to stay with their families of origin, and to prevent separation from their parents and extended family. We use training and practical tools to help protect those families who are potentially vulnerable. 

In some cases however, it is simply not possible to keep children in their families. For such children who have been abandoned by their families, and for whatever reason can no longer live with their parents, we offer a form of foster-care in a small family environment. This foster care might be temporary or more long-term, depending on the child's family situation.

About Mozambique

Mozambique, like many countries in Africa, has a history of extreme poverty. Civil war and devastating floods crippled this nation during the late 1900s and by the turn of the century it was considered one of the poorest places in the world.

In the last two decades, progress has been made toward peace and stability, although it remains a fragile country both politically and economically. Extreme poverty still causes families to suffer in many ways. Children have been orphaned, abandoned, severely neglected and abused.

The focus of Tutela is to work alongside vulnerable families to keep them together, and to provide homes for children who have lost all chance of staying with their families of origin.

Last Updated: 15 August 2018

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