Tutela Family

The Tutela team are a committed and skilled group ...

We are a diverse bunch and bring a whole array of perspectives and ideas to the table as we creatively pursue our goal. One thing we share in common is that we're all convinced about family homes for abandoned children in Mozambique.

Jonny & Becky

Founders & Director, Mozambique

Jonny & Becky Wakely have lived in Mozambique since 2005, originally working for a child protection organisation called Iris Ministries. Jonny was the Finance Director, Becky fulfilled various administrational roles and together they both invested time and attention into some of the children who lived at the Iris Children's Centre. It was during their time at Iris that they realised the huge need for family-like foster homes in Mozambique as an alternative to orphanage care for vulnerable children.

Jonny and Becky have dedicated the last five years to establishing Tutela and continue to reside in Mozambique where Jonny is the Director for Tutela whilst Becky works as a teacher in an International school in Maputo. They have three bouncy children and together the five of them enjoy their Mozambican adventure.

Our team in Mozambique

Frontline staff: Foster mums, social worker and more

The foster mums provide the immediate, daily care to their foster children, running the foster home, attending to each child's ongoing needs and their development. Alongside the foster mums are a team of support staff who make sure mum is able to give her best to the kids. This support team include a social worker and assistant carer, who help carry some of the load when necessary, whether that be with practical tasks or guidance on managing a child's behaviour and development.


Chair of Trustees, UK

Mark Barrell has spent three years living in Maputo as a mission worker with BMS World Mission. A qualified solicitor he was involved in the practice of family law for twelve years, and for eight years was the Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship in the UK. Between 2001 and 2006 he helped develop access to justice programmes in Uganda and from 2018 to 2021 was supporting similar projects in Mozambique through the ministry of the Association of Mozambican Christian Lawyers (AMAC). He is married to Susanna, has three children and is currently living in the UK.


Trustee, UK

Ruth Martin is a social worker and has been employed by her local authority for over 25 years. Her current role is to persuade people to consider fostering and adoption and then to train and support those who go ahead. As a trustee, she brings a depth of professional experience to Tutela, as well as networking opportunities in the field of fostering. Married to Phil, with 4 grown up children and 9 growing grandchildren, Ruth's family are a constant source of delight and amazement to her. In both her work and family life, Ruth is consistently dedicated to all that she does.


Trustee, UK

David Pollard works for Moorhouse Management Consultants in change management, having graduated a few years ago from Bath University with a degree in Economics. He is also a trustee of Just Love UK, a charity which seeks to inspire and release every Christian student to pursue the biblical call to social justice, a charity which he was fortunate to be involved while he was a student at University.


Trustee, UK

Paul Wakely and his wife Sue are parents to Jonny and have been a significant base of support to both Jonny and Becky ever since they first started in Mozambique. Based in Bath, Paul and Sue are longtime church leaders, having spent the past 35 years as Pastors to church groups in South West England. Alongside the local work, Paul travels extensively around the world to encourage other church leaders and missionaries, often visiting developing regions such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Venezuela, as well as Mozambique.

Last Updated: 07 August 2019

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