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Small family units following a simple model

Establishing a foster-home takes careful planning and preparation.  We make our Tutela houses to feel like home for all our foster-families, and we look for cost effective ways to make this possible. Tutela has adopted a tried and tested model of foster care created by Home from Home in South Africa. The model is simple and has four main elements:

1. Employ and train local foster mothers

Every foster mother is thoroughly screened for their appropriateness for the job.  We provide training to help them understand all aspects of fostering and the care of children. Tutela's aim is to employ couples where possible, which involves further screening to make sure the foster mum's husband is also commited to fostering the children.

2. Establish a house that is solely for fostering

Foster homes are either locally rented properties or purpose built homes. During the pilot phase, Tutela has rented the first two homes in Maputo. We provide all the necessary fixtures and furnishings for our homes, funded primarily by donations from the UK and Mozambique. Each home must be suitable and meet the needs of the the foster-family. 

3. Place up to six children with their new foster carers in the home

The process of identifying the children who need foster care is done in consultation with our partners. We take those children who have been severely neglected and abandoned, and were at high risk of being harmed in their previous home. We ensure that where possible, siblings stay together and there is a mix of boys and girls of varying ages in a foster-family. We aim to create an experience as close as possible to a familiar family unit.

4. Provide a full range of support to the carers and children

Once the foster-homes are in operation as a family unit, we encourage them to get into a routine and lifestyle which actively promotes their childrens' welfare. Our social workers provide valuable ongoing support to the families to ensure that each child receives the best possible care.


Find out more about our costs and how we expect to grow

We have produced a simple business plan with the key financial objectives that will help us realise our goal of establishing six foster-homes over the next three years (by the end of 2020).  If you would like to take a look, please email Jonny Wakely (

Last Updated: 18 August 2018

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