Our Mission

Placing Abandoned Children in Families


Where we work: MOZAMBIQUE

Mozambique is a beautiful country with stretches of unblemished coastline, warm-hearted people and a sub-tropical climate. Mingled with this beauty, however, is the ugly reality of extreme poverty haunting the majority of the population.

Hundreds of thousands of families face a daily struggle to survive, living on very meagre resources, without proper access to basic facililties to support themselves. It is within this context that we become aware of a crisis situation for many of Mozambique's children. 

Who we work with: ABANDONED CHILDREN

Extreme poverty has put unbearable pressure on families in Mozambique. Many children are growing up without one or both of their parents who have been lost to disease, conflict or natural disasters. Extended families are unable to offer adequate care for the surviving children and face the prospect of a severely neglectful childhood. This neglect comes in various forms, including malutrition, sickness or abuse, as well as emotional and even physical abandonment.


Tutela works with these children - the ones who are most vulnerable - to protect them from the impact of family breakdown and reverse the trauma they have faced.

We provide family-like foster homes, where the children receive high quality care from a Mozambican mum and dad and the support of a social worker. The homes are family environments; places that enable children to enjoy their childhood in a safe and happy space, with positive attention from carers and their needs met. 


Family-like homes are relatively unknown in Mozambique, as many of the country's most vulnerable children are being raised in some form of institutional care, such as an orphanage. We don't believe these environments provide the best opportunity for youngsters to flourish. Rather, we believe that the best way to raise a child is in a family environment with a secure home.

The ideal choice in most situations would be for children to stay with their biological families and not be separated from their parents or aunties or grandparents. However, it is simply not possible to keep all children in their families. For such children, we offer a foster-family instead of an orphanage. This foster care might be temporary or might become long-term, depending on the child's family situation.


 Our 8-session parenting course is available for parents from all walks of life. It provides opportunities for parents to better understand their children's needs and how to create a happier more stable family home. Since 2016, Tutela has taken over 200 parents through our course which uses material from the International Child Development Programme. Parent feedback from the course has been very positive and includes testimonies of family conflict getting resolved as a result of what they've learned.

About Mozambique

Mozambique was in the global news in March 2019 when Cyclone Idai made landfall in the heart of the country, destroying hundreds of thousands of homes and claiming many lives. It's not the first time that such destruction and flooding has taken place here. Mozambique, like many countries in Africa, has a history of disasters - both natural and man made ones. Civil war during the 1980's and the devastating flood in 2000 are examples of crises that have crippled this fragile nation. By the turn of the century it was considered one of the poorest places in the world.

In the last two decades, progress has been made toward peace and stability, although it remains a vulnerable country both politically and economically. Extreme poverty still causes families to suffer in many ways. Children have been orphaned, abandoned, severely neglected and abused.

The focus of Tutela is to work alongside vulnerable families to keep them together, and to provide homes for children who have lost all chance of staying with their families of origin.

Last Updated: 07 August 2019

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