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A glimpse of a family-like foster home


Our first foster home was launched in June 2018 with parents Seb and Rida

The home is located on the outskirts of Mozambique's capital city, Maputo, in one of the more disadvantaged districts. We have placed five children with Seb and Rida, all of whom have come from very broken homes. 


Joana's Story

Joana (name was changed to protect her identity) is a young girl who came to live with Seb and Rida at the start of 2019, having previously suffered a number of years of neglect.

Tutela's social worker was made aware of Joana's situation through the Maputo Social Welfare Dept.

She had originally moved to Maputo with her biological mum when she was a toddler, coming from the rural areas of Mozambique as her mum was sick and needed access to better health care in the city. Her dad had been a drinker and had already left home. Sadly, her mum died shortly after arriving in Maputo and Joana went to live with an aunty. The aunty's husband did not treat her well and soon Joana found herself passed on to another aunty. This second aunty was resentful of having another mouth to feed in the home as her resources were already tight. Joana was made to feel unwelcome, like a second-class person in the home.

Within a year of living with second aunty, Joana decided to run away as a young 7 year old. She left her aunty's home and was taken in by a lady in a different neighbourhood. Joana lived there for almost a year before finally being found by Aunty and re-united with her. This happened via a daily television programme that would publicise cases of lost children to the general public in the hope of getting them re-united.

Joana went back to live with her aunty, but sadly the neglect continued and she then ran away for a second and third time. This is when Tutela was introduced to her vulnerable situation.

The great news is that as a result of our intervention, Joana was placed with Seb and Rida in Tutela's first foster home. We're happy to report that she is enjoying life with her new family and so far has not once felt the need to run away. She now feels like an equal amongst her new siblings. Tutela is in touch with Joana's aunty in the hope of maintaining a family link for her future. 

Joana loves going to school and is starting to form a healthy bond with foster mum.


Last Updated: 07 August 2019

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