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Focusing on abandoned children in Maputo

Family-based care is rare in Mozambique

Tutela will establish its foster-homes in some of the poorest and most disadvantaged districts of Mozambique’s capital city, Maputo.

Many of the country’s most vulnerable children are still being raised in differing standards of institutional care. We don’t believe these environments provide the greatest opportunity for youngsters to really flourish.  We believe the very best start in life is for children to experience a happy, secure home with a loving family.

An African Proverb says ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. We agree


Families do best when they are supported. This has been Jonny and Becky's experience while living in Mozambique for 8 years:

“We have seen for ourselves the amazing care that local Mozambicans' offer as we’ve raised our own children within the local community in Maputo.  These men and women are some of our dear friends.  We know we can rely on them to help us really understand the Mozambican culture and way of life.

For Tutela to be a success it is essential that we get to know the local culture as much as possible. We want to provide the most appropriate support to foster-families.” - Becky Wakely

Tutela will place children in families within the communities they come from, wherever possible.  It is important to preserve their cultural heritage and where possible, enable them to continue in relationship with their biological family.


We plan on establishing six foster-homes in the Maputo area by 2020

And we don't feel alone in our venture

We have drawn inspiration from a number of sources, one of those being a South African NGO, Home from Home, who we’ve formed a friendship with. For the past 15 years, Home from Home have followed a successful fostering model and now support more than 30 cluster foster homes. Their experience will help guide us.

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Last Updated: 18 April 2016

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