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Can You Raise Funds for Tutela ?

Current fundraising events by Tutela supporters:

We are looking for more willing fundraisers

Around 40% of our income so far has come from volunteers who have done fundraising on our behalf; so we're looking for more people who catch the heart of our vision and want to help us bring change to the children in Mozambique.

Think of any idea to raise some funds - something a bit crazy or unusual is good! 

There are plenty of ways to raise funds. You can either follow the conventional route of a sponsored event such as running, cycling, walking; or you can hold your own event and do something completely unusual.

To make fundraising easier, we have registered with so you can raise money quickly and easily online with your own personal webpage. Contact us to find out how you can begin to get sponsored for an event. 

Help Us Spread the Word

If you are inspired by Tutela's vision then do tell people about us. As we continue to talk about what we're doing, we are finding new opportunities for networking and support are opening up. 

Thank you for your support

Last Updated: 17th May 2015

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